May 11, 2016

Seawork 2016. Make the most of the show.

This blog post is based on Box PR’s experience and knowledge of Seawork International – which will outline how you can maximise your time at the exhibition. This guide takes you a step further than the logistical stages on the exhibitor manual, which covers items such as space, lighting and electricals. Here we are looking at how you can promote and market yourself to maximise the marketing budget for the show.

Your Stand

Your stand is your company shop window at the exhibition. It needs to reflect the quality of the products and services you offer, the company and the brand you represent. Does your stand do this?

As one of several hundred exhibitors at Seawork 2016, you need to stand out and be noticed.

  • Are you launching a new product?
  • Are you running a competition?
  • Are you hosting an event?

Make sure everyone visiting knows what is happening on your stand and at what time.

The Media. Do they know who you are and what you do?

Have you highlighted the key journalists you should be speaking to and have you told them you are exhibiting at Seawork? Deadlines are rapidly approaching for print runs, however using social media and other internet channels your story can still be heard. Find out who the key journalists are, get in touch and make sure they are spreading your news.

A great way to connect with journalists is to arrange a face-to-face meeting during the exhibition. Journalists tend to have busy schedules, so you need to get in their early and make sure you allocate enough time and attention to them.

Direct Marketing. Do you customers know you are there?

Make sure you have told your customers you are exhibiting at Seawork International. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Email signature. Add the information to the footer of your email, so when send an email your customers can clearly see you will be at the exhibition.
  • Mailshot. Send out a mailing to your database inviting them to your stand, tell them who will be on the stand and what they can expect to see in terms of products.

Network Marketing. Are you a distributor for another brand, do they know you are exhibiting?

If you are a reseller for other brands and services? Make sure your suppliers know you are exhibiting at the show, that way they too may be able to promote your presence and open up some new contacts for you.

Online Marketing. Up to speed and up to date.

Make sure it is clear on your website that you are exhibiting at Seawork. Ensure your news items are fresh and relevant to the market and your news mentions your presence at the show.

Connect with Seawork International on LinkedIn, this is the optimum business-to-business networking tool. Follow their showcase page here. Like and share updates that relate to your company or complementary companies.

Like Seawork International on Facebook as your company page. Tag them in your updates, let them know you are talking about the exhibition and they can share this with their followers. Use #seawork #commercialmarine in your post, to get noticed.

Follow Seawork International on Twitter. Tag them in your updates @seawork, and remember to use the #seawork #commercialmarine in your feeds to reach out to all parties interested in the event.

Seawork International are not on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean you should not share your updates from the show with your audience and others who are using this portal. Continue to be consistent using the #seawork #commercialmarine you never know who is following and what opportunities might open up.

If you have a Pinterest account, then you can follow Seawork on Pinterest and pin your own pictures too.

Google +
Check out Seawork on Google +, you can tag them on your page and then use the #seawork #commercialmarine.

If you think this all sounds like a lot of work and you need your team to focus on other aspects of the business – then give us a call, we have the skills and experience to make sure you get the most marketing benefit from your exhibition.

We can help.

Call Box PR today 07971 688151 or email to find out how we can help you make the most of Seawork International 2016.

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