March 21, 2017

Baltic Lifejackets Sweden celebrates 40 years.

Baltic Lifejackets has grown over the last 40 years to become Europe’s leading manufacturer of lifejackets, buoyancy aids and floatation clothing.

The first product ever produced was a buoyancy aid called the Tropic. The range has grown considerably since that time, and now includes over 12 different product groups giving customers a comprehensive choice whatever their activity. Today Baltic Lifejackets is represented by distributors in over 50 countries.

Having started the business with an all-round Buoyancy aid Baltic expanded their range with the first inflatable lifejacket in 1984 and specialist buoyancy aid, the Canoe, in 1985.  Baltic R&D department have always looked at solutions to providing ways of keeping safe for a wide variety of activities, from sailing, to fishing, kayaking, to working near the water.  Floatation clothing, which is now widely seen in the market, was first introduced to the Baltic range in 1993, with a jacket called the Newport.

Baltic products cover a wide range of activities.  Leisure products range from inflatable lifejackets, to personal floatation devices, all purpose, and specialist buoyancy aids. The products include a large range of baby and child lifejackets. Baltic also have a range of buoyancy aids suitable for both dogs and cats. A range of Baltic floatation suits protect people from the dangers of cold shock, whilst helping the wearer keep afloat. Baltic floatation jackets provide buoyancy whilst looking like fashion wear jackets.

Baltic also have a range of industrial products.  These range from lifejackets and buoyancy aids, to floatation clothing.  Many Baltic products are worn by emergency and rescue services throughout the world, as well as those who need to wear a lifejacket for their work.

The CE approved rating was introduced in 1992  and Baltic is an M.E.D/SOLAS approved manufacturer, approved to ISO 9001. Baltic products are also manufactured to other standards around the world such as South African, Australian and Russian. Baltic’s founder, Per Frode, sits on the EN ISO Global Working Group for marine safety equipment, meaning that Baltic always keeps safety at the heart of every product designed.

In this, their 40th year, Baltic are improving and extending their Älgarås headquarters which is currently 6000 sqm and incorporates a warehouse, R&D department, administration, and logistics.  This expansion will allow for more offices with a more productive and efficient layout, a larger showroom as well as improved social areas such as a kitchen and lunch room to accommodate the growing number of employees. The extension will allow for a special new Fika area, the Swedish word for having a coffee and a cinnamon bun.

Baltic Founder, Per Frode commented, “We are delighted to have reached this milestone in the company history.  Each year Baltic is looking to develop our products further to meet the demands of our customers.  Some of our newest products, such as the iFloat are reaching out to the SUP market which is a rapidly developing market, so we are excited to see where our products will lead to next.”

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