April 27, 2017

Bowen – Warsash Small Busines Networking Group

Our April meeting saw Angela Anderson talk about her business and in particular to introduce the Bowen Technique to the Warsash Small Business Networking Group.

In our somewhat busy and crazy lives often personal well-being takes a step back as work deadlines take priority. Today, our meeting took a slightly different format, taking place over a lovely lunch at The Little Bay in Warsash. Perhaps taking more time out of our working day was ideal for this presentation as Angela introduced us to the Bowen Technique, an holistic approach which uses fingers and thumbs in a rolling type motion over various muscles in the body. It is designed to re-balance, relieve tension, and reduce pain. So, what does this have to do with a business networking event you may ask?

Well, we (Box PR) believe that if our mind is clear from the worries away from work and our body is aligned and therefore not in any pain, we are free to focus on our work and do the best possible job we can. In the world of marketing we are continuously working on creativity; creativity using words and creativity with ideas we generate for our clients.

In a recent article we read about how to stay focused and beat stress, one particular section highlighted that hydration is key. If you have writers block, try drinking more. Our brains are 75% water. Dehydrated brains solve problems slower. So at Box PR we are drinking more water! Business articles often talk about time management, resources, surrounding yourself with the right people and so on, however in contrast rarely do we read that ‘me time’ is also an effective way of making your working day more productive. Perhaps this comes under time management?

Did you run in London Marathon or any of the Southampton running events at the weekend – then why not take a look at Angela’s website (click here) and get her to work her magic on your aches and pains so your mind and body can work more effectively.

Richard from Track Party recommended a book to the group, E-Myth Revistied, a book looking why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it. Details of the book can be found on Amazon here.

The next meeting is planned for 8th June. If you would like to come along to the next Warsash Small Business Networking Group and it will be your first time, please drop us an email hello@boxpr.co.uk.

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