September 10, 2019

Baltic introduces new CEO

Baltic Lifejackets has a new CEO, Johan Lövqvist with immediate effect.  

Johan has a long and broad experience of leading positions in the retail sector, most recently coming from the CEO post for the Tenson Group where he tripled the company’s turnover with improved profitability. 

The appointment of Johan follows the announcement last week that the JCE Group had acquired Baltic. 

Johan commented “This is a great opportunity that I look forward to very much. To have the opportunity to develop Baltic and its strong brand further together with fantastic employees and new owners will be very exciting.” 

Baltic Safety Products AB was founded in 1977 and is a leading player in the quality segment of life jackets and marine safety equipment in Europe and has a dominant position in the Nordic market. Baltic has the most extensive product portfolio on the market and has from the start focused on quality and functionality, which means that Baltic, with its strong brand, is appreciated around the world. 

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