April 1, 2015

Baltic produce a new pet buoyancy aid.

Due to recent customer requests Baltic have added a new jacket to their pet buoyancy aids portfolio.  As more people are taking to the water and want to keep their beloved pets with them, Baltic have launched the Rabbit Buoyancy Aid.

The Rabbit jacket follows the highly successful range of buoyancy aids Baltic manufacture for both dogs and cats.

The Rabbit buoyancy aid is similar in design to the cat buoyancy aid with a slim neck opening with a retro-reflective patch to enhance visibility in low light conditions, and a lifting handle plus a D-ring for attaching a leash. The buoyancy aid is manufactured using a durable high visibility cover fabric at the top and black sides to prevent discolouration, it is fitted with non-absorbent foam lining creating the buoyancy.

The Rabbit buoyancy aid is designed to give owners peace of mind that should their rabbit bounce into the water they will float and be able to be retrieved with the large lifting handle on the back.  The Rabbit jacket comes in 2 sizes small for 0-3kg, medium 3-7kg.

A spokesman for Baltic commented, “We respond to customer requests and this has come appropriately near Easter time.”

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