March 26, 2019

Box BR Celebrates 10 Years

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Box PR Ltd today is celebrating 10 years today since the company was founded to meet the marketing and Public Relations needs within the marine industry. In 2009 Louise Crowden and Lou Johnson, both with marketing backgrounds and who had worked in various sectors of the marine industry, joined forces and Box PR Ltd was formed.

“10 years ago, I was working freelance on my own and looking to expand what was then V-Services,” comments Louise Crowden. “It’s been an incredible 10 years, there have been some big changes in the way we communicate to the media and also the way our clients market themselves to their customers, but that means it stays fresh and that means it is always exciting.”

Today, 10 years on Louise and Lou represent companies of all sizes, from family run niches businesses through to large multinational corporations. Several clients they represent today have represented through the whole 10 years of Box PR. As well as their long-standing clients, Box PR has worked on a number of exciting projects and events for clients. 

“What a journey it has been,” comments Lou Johnson. “When I first met Louise, and we set up Box PR, I am not really sure I could imagine being where we are today. I can really look back with pride, and I am really excited about our new brand, what it represents and what the future holds. We spend pretty much all our time focusing on our clients, it’s been good spending some time on us. Remember to check out our new website too”

Box PR offers clients a range of services that come under the umbrella of marketing, including event support, marketing strategy, Public Relations and social media. For some clients we are their remote marketing department, for others, we provide a strategy, which we then implement and manage on certain elements of their marketing activity.

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