July 29, 2019

Take time out – Summer Holidays

Box PR takes time out

It’s that time of year when you try and phone a number of people and no one seems to be available, or you notice emails slow down a bit.  Yes, it’s the summer holidays. This year I [Louise] took my break just before the traditional school holiday time and as a result, I am back and at my desk wondering where the rest of the population have gone! 

The run-up to a holiday is always the most stressful I have found.  The worry about if you have everything set up for the time you are away.  Have you informed all your customers? In my line of work, client news cannot stop just because I am away so, have you got news stories and things scheduled for them whilst you are away?   The frantic rushing before you getaway, I think probably helps you appreciate your destination all the more, but those around you may not agree at the time!  Nowadays you can plan where possible and with connectivity as it is – you can always keep an eye on things when you are away anyway. Sometimes a cursory glance at your emails actually just reassures you that life does carry on and you don’t need to worry so you can get on with your holiday. 

Getting away from the office for a few weeks each year is essential.  It gives you time to think, to plan and contemplate life from a different perspective rather than just daily firefighting.  (It made me think I must jot down a few ideas for blogs sometime!!!)  All my worry prior to the holiday was unfounded.  I didn’t come back to an insurmountable pile of work – yes it was busy, but nothing I couldn’t get sorted.  My clients all appreciated that it was my time off and there was nothing to worry me whilst I was gone.  Plus I have the support of a business partner, so should anything come up it was nothing that couldn’t be dealt with.

We hope all of your taking a break this summer have fun and come back as we have – all refreshed with some new ideas.

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