November 25, 2019

An evening with Holly Tucker


We arrived at the Limewood Hotel on the outskirts of Lyndhurst for an evening with Holly Tucker, to learn about her business journey and to absorb any advice she has for small businesses. For those who don’t know Holly Tucker, she is Co-Founder of Notonthehighstreet and Holly & Co, philanthropist and UK Ambassador for Creative Small Businesses.

Greeted with a welcome drink and canapés from Raw and Cured, it wasn’t long before we took our seats in The Scullery, and within a matter of moments Holly Tucker took centre stage, and immediately her audience were gripped to all she had to say. Holly talks about Artisan businesses not SME’s, and creative ones in the sense of businesses that make things, so whilst not perhaps directly relating to what we do here at Box PR, we are a small business, we are creative and we work with clients who employ us to be creative!

My pad open and pen at the ready it wasn’t long before I was scribbling away, not too much though as it’s easy to be so absorbed in writing you actually miss her passion and true ambition.

Holly was clearly very passionate about her work, and helping others, in a bright turquoise tunique her opening messages was that business should be fun and that we all need to bring colour to the grey world of business.


At Box PR, we help our clients build, establish and maintain their brands so when Holly turned to branding and creating a meaningful brand that lasts a lifetime we were all ears. What did she have up her sleeve that could be of benefit to Box PR and our clients? Here were her tips:

• Tell a story
• Be more than different be distinct
• Just be exactly you and turn that into your brand
• Empathy. Humanity. Put yourselves in the shoes of your customers
• Community is at the heart, doesn’t have to be big, but it has to be true
• Heritage. Built on great stories
• To err is human, to market is divine
• Stay true to your heritage
• Be magical
• Be authentic
• Have a strong purpose

Grow. Evolve. Adapt, but keep on brand and remember why you built the company.

People will always remember what you did, not what you brought. So that brand maybe you (or your employees) so build a brand, which has
• Trust
• Emotion – people buy with emotion and justify with logic
• Passionate

So here at Box PR, we will evolve and adapt. We will help our clients to grow, evolve and adapt, but we will also remind them of the foundations on which they built their business and to remain true.

Remember, being static doesn’t last, nothing is static any more. So do what you love and love what you do.

Lou Johnson

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