October 27, 2020

New Forest Businesses join forces to support mental health

Seven months ago, Juliet had just finished teaching Pilates at Limewood to learn that we were all headed into a full lockdown. She was not alone as the COVID-19 Pandemic quickly took hold. Like many out there she needed to adapt and quick.

Juliet's Pilates

Within days her business went online and 21 days of Facebook live launched, bringing levity to the living room along with Pilates and Prosecco. Free online sessions that got people moving and kept them connected was the start of moving her business from the studio and to creating an online community. When we all clapped our NHS workers on our doorsteps at 2000 hrs. on a Thursday night, Juliet was offering free classes to those on the front line of fighting this virus. She continues to discount to NHS workers today.

From the Village Hall in Beaulieu seven months ago, Juliet’s Pilates is now an online business, live and interactive in your living room/garden/garage – the choice is yours. The classes provide discipline, structure and in a time when the rule book for life seems to have taken a new chapter, Juliet is a constant in her client’s lives. “Unlike some online instructors out there who offer one-way communication, Juliet opens her classes early and we sit and have a coffee be-forehand, chatting about the life and the weather in different parts of the country. Juliet has been a lifesaver,” commented Victoria Hopper, who having recently moved away from the New Forest is still able to see her friends in class.

Along with the discipline of classes, pets and children get involved, singing happy birthday to class members and during lockdown there was a huge online party! “One thing that is constant is that we laugh,” says Juliet Nicholas founder of Juliet’s Pilates.

Continuing the community spirit that Juliet has built up amongst her students, she has joined forces with other New Forest Business Women to offer a free 30-day wellness November challenge to help everyone get through the shorter days, gloomier weather and potential increase in restrictions.

30 days of exercise, relaxation, and mobility, starting new lifestyle habits that can be done in the kitchen or even out on a dog walk. It’s about finding time for you. For those self-isolating not able to leave the house, for those who don’t feel safe to leave their homes, those working from home and for those who enjoy a challenge. This is for everyone and it’s convenient and designed to fit around everyday life.

Helen McGinn aka The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club, Highball Cocktails, The Kitchen Social, Mann’s Cookies, OhSo Chocolate and Elizabeth’s Daughter Skincare are all joining in with some wonderful prizes going in a draw for those who complete the challenge.

“We need to repeat a behaviour every day for 21 days for it to become habit. Without repetition or practice, we keep going back to the start and this is something I talk about a lot in classes,” comments Juliet. “The community I have built through my classes from March showed me how important this is and how easy it is for us to support each other and join together.”

Visit Juliet’s Pilates to find out more: www.julietspilates.com

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