January 28, 2021

Baltic Lifejackets Launch First Female Specific Lifejacket

Baltic Lifejackets Sweden is delighted to start the new year with the launch of their first female specific lifejacket, the Athena.

Baltic Lifejackets are designed to make life on board safer. A lifejacket only works when worn, it is of little use if kept in a locker and only attempted to be donned in an emergency. Evidence tells us that a lifejacket which is comfortable to wear, and one that provides freedom of movement is likely to be worn more frequently.

Introducing the Athena, Baltic’s first lifejacket designed with a pure focus on women. The Athena is a lightweight, slim, and supple lifejacket. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to put on without it having to go over your head, and it’s easily secured in place with a padded Velcro and quick release buckle.

You wouldn’t place a 20 cm vertical metal bar in your jacket breast pocket so why place a cylinder there in your lifejacket? For this very reason, the position of the valve is unique to the Athena in the Baltic range. The 33G co₂ auto inflation valve is positioned on a diagonal axis low down away from the bust, to prevent chaffing. The jacket is 165N and fully adjustable to suit all sizes and shapes. It comes with padding for extra comfort and an airy mesh lining.

Available in one size (40 – 120 Kg) with a chest width of 70 – 140 cm.

Colour options: white/pink, navy/white, and black/grey.

Full details: www.baltic.se

For further information and to arrange a product review please contact Box PR.

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