July 14, 2021

An aspirational letter of hope to my future self

Dear Louise,

Have you made it, have you arrived at your destination?

Confused? I thought you might be, as you have possibly forgotten about this letter that you wrote to yourself during a writing club you joined in 2021. I’m not referring to the letter where you tried to pre-plan your whole life (you never did that!) the other one, where you take some time to remind yourself what is important to you, and I hope those things have made it a fun journey.

Well, it’s time to read on, and find out more, what’s going on in the world at the moment that has instigated this letter.

Currently you are living amidst a global pandemic, it’s been going on since March 2020 (it’s now July 2021), for your own sanity I hope you haven’t encountered anything stranger.  For the last 17 months of your life, you have lived in some form of lockdown, you have not been able to hug your family, or invite friends and family into your home. In fact, there was a period when you had to stay home and couldn’t travel outside of the village. It was the year when hand sanitisers and face masks became essential items in your handbag, I wonder if you still have them there now? Not only were you living in a global pandemic, but the UK also left the EU, you became sole director of Box PR, that’s the company you built and represented global brands, and you are now at a time where you are looking to bring on more skills to thrive in the coming years. I’d love to know how that part of your life developed.

My first instinct is to ask if you have been successful, but how do you rate success? Hope seems the right word. So, Louise these were your aspirations, let’s see how you got on.

Box PR is 12 years old, you made a nice cake to celebrate. Box PR is a big part of your life, and the struggle to find the work/life balance is real and that’s because you care about your clients and are not good at saying no. Remember saying no is ok and will certainly save you from the dreaded burnout along the way. I hope you led change to find the balance and that through the change you found success.

Learning has always been a part to your life. Those good reads and growing list of podcasts must have helped your dreams and ambitions to develop and evolve as a business owner and in your personal life. It’s taken a few years, but you have finally learnt that you don’t have to have all the answers, that listening and surrounding yourself with right people can be far more powerful.

During a year of working on your own, you collaborated and connected more with small businesses and individuals both online and offline. You have become accustomed at asking for help, remember it’s not a weakness and whilst it doesn’t come naturally you are starting to accept help from those around you. It’s enabling you to grow personally and professionally, it’s pushed you to be a better person. I hope you became ‘the right person’ for others to turn to.

Taking care of the environment, eliminating single use plastic and litter are all big issues to you. In recent months, you have become more aware of the choices you make, becoming less wasteful and more resourceful. You actively make choices that reduce your impact on earth. You are a great believer that if millions or people took small steps to make change it will have a far bigger impact than a few taking big steps. Did you continue to take those steps – look in your bin and be honest!

Although you fear change and being in the spotlight, deep down you know you thrive out of your comfort zone – did you shoot for the moon, I hope so, let me know where you landed.

You can plan, but like the first upwind leg of a championship things don’t always go to plan, but that is not always a bad thing, those extra manoeuvres are what can make you stronger and more resilient.

But do you know what, you make each day count. It’s impossible (right?) to be proud of all your worldly actions, but I hope you can look back and say, “I did that” and smile.

Continue writing, reading, learning, and listening, you are never too old to learn something new. Go hoist those sails and set sail, or is it winter and if so, pop those skis on and earn your turns – success is not about the money in the bank, or the house you live in, success is the equilibrium of life and if you have got it right, you will be surrounded by those who lift you up, you will be content in what you have achieved and the path you have carved, and you will have made the time to have enjoyed the journey after all life is about the journey not the destination.

Heartfelt wishes from your younger self (on a windy grey day at the Valuable Content Writing Club online from Box PR Global HQ!)

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