October 7, 2021

Hammond Drysuits launch SUP Specific Drysuit

Over the last few months, you have taken up paddleboarding, you have just got to grips with it and now autumn has arrived, the weather is not quite so appealing to those who prefer the warm sunshine, and the water temperature is starting to drop. Rather than packing up your board for the winter months, Hammond Drysuits has a solution. Introducing the PB3X, a drysuit designed specifically for Stand Up Paddleboarding.

“There has been an incredible boom in the sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding, with many people taking it up in the late spring/early summer whilst the weather is generally kinder to us,” comments Chris Hammond Managing Director at Hammond Drysuits. “Winter then comes, and the water temperature plummets and the wind bites. Suddenly SUP is not so appealing. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case.”

Chris goes on to explain more about the development of the PB3X and how it was designed in conjunction with Brendon Prince, and his record-breaking circumnavigation of mainland UK called The Long Paddle 2021.

The PB3X is a 3-ply nylon breathable fabric, it’s available in standard sizes or Made-To-Measure for the ultimate in comfort and fit. As standard, the drysuit comes with several additional features, including a neoprene neck for added comfort with latex wrist seals and rear zip. There is an Aquaseal plastic zip with zip protector over top, two layers of 3-ply fabric are used on the seat to reinforce giving a soft reinforced area and Cordura on knees as reinforcement.

“The suit has a different style to our more traditional water sports drysuits with an overhang on top of drysuit to give the wearer the feel of a top and trousers rather than a one-piece suit,” comments Chris Hammond.
The PB3X retails at £540.00 for standard size and £595.00 for a Made-to-Measure. All Hammond Drysuits are made to order and made in Britain in the Hammond shop in Dartford Kent.

BREAKING NEWS: For every PB3X SUP Drysuit sold, 5% of the sale will go towards the development of the world’s first-ever water safety app, led by Brendon Prince and The Long Paddle 2021. Brendon had a custom Made-to-Measure for his circumnavigation of mainland UK on his SUP. “My Hammond drysuit is an essential item of kit to have in my quiver of clothing options for Stand Up Paddle Boarding,” comments Brendon. “The stunning British coastline offers every type of weather conceivable and sometimes only a Hammond Drysuit can match those weather conditions, keeping you warm, dry and most importantly comfortable to safely paddle on.”

For more information please visit hammond-drysuits.co.uk

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