March 25, 2022

Celebrating Triskaidekaphobia and Symbolism in the Box PR Logo

I am very superstitious, are you? I am that person that waves and talks to magpies, I’ll walk around three drains, dash out the way of a black cat as it attempts to cross my path, and don’t get me started on broken mirrors and walking under ladders. For me the number 13 is in the same box, I fear it, and I have recently learned that this particular fear has a name, triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13.

At a sailing event, I have a genuine fear of being tally number 13, when out running I struggle to stop my watch on 0.13 of a mile. Yet 13.1 miles is my favourite running distance and today I am celebrating the passing of this number in the history of my company. Today Box PR is 13 and we enter our 14th year (did you see what I did there) in business. How exciting is that!

Reflection & taking stock

This time of year, more than any other I reflect on how far Box PR and I have come, and what is on the path ahead. I am very much into office journaling currently weekly (sometimes more, sometimes less) I take time out to do a task in my ‘Boost Yourself Journal’. One recent task asked what does your logo say about you?

Well, that got me thinking so I sat down and started to look at the different elements, questioning everything. Is it relevant, is it representative, does it still stand for and reflect Box PR as a business now, does that element need to be there at all?

Back in 2019 my current logo and website were launched. Sitting with a designer in the January of that year there were elements of the logo that were important however, change was needed, and the Box PR logo evolved. At the time it was fresh, and the designer got it spot on. It’s time to consider if that is still the case today.

Let’s dive in and take a look.

In its full-colour primary form, I use the colours orange and grey.

Orange symbolises joy, creativity, friendliness, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, adventure, success and self-confidence. Whilst in contrast the grey symbolises neutrality and balance.

Combined these create a wonderful equilibrium, the creativity, passion and drive come from the orange, with the willingness to ask questions, listen and remain balanced in your response from the grey. All very important attributes for someone who is invited into a company to work alongside them, and one I very much take as a privilege.

Now let’s move on to the box

The horizontal lines symbolise peace and rest, they suggest calm and quiet. In contrast, the vertical lines stand tall with grandeur, they reach for the sky and are filled with potential energy. Combine the horizontal with the vertical and you create a box that conveys structure and stability, I like that. Box PR is here for its clients. I am part of their team, I work together on strategy and looking back on the longstanding relationships with my clients we are a constant.

The opening on the right is not an oversight. This links Box PR to the outside world, to my clients, the media, collaborators and those ready to listen. Box PR & Marketing is not ‘too anything’ you cannot put me in a box with the lid on, I wish to engage, and I would welcome being part of the conversation.

Random fun fact!

If you dream about boxes, it’s a reminder to let go of any negativity and embrace positive thoughts and emotions.

My conclusion

Taking on board all the attributes and symbolism within the Box PR logo and referring to the early conversations of 2019, the logo is assertive, it’s bold, it’s a small box with a big personality…

… and now it’s time to celebrate, and yes there is a cake (of sorts). Thank you to the Millionaire Man for the incredible Terry’s Chocolate Orange (of course!) Millionaire Shortbread.

Fancy a challenge?

A little task for you, look at your company logo and look at what the colours and shapes represent. Question them, are they reflective of the here and now, does it present you, your business and the brand in the way you had hoped it would. Does it help you stand out from your competitors? Maybe it helps you attract new customers, what do your customers think of it? Have you ever asked?

If it’s time for a change, or perhaps you need help understanding your logo, branding and position. Let’s start a conversation and see how Box PR and our collaborators can help during this time of change.

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