May 11, 2022

Free Lifejackets for UK Schools – Baltic Lifejackets

When your child borrows a library book from school, they sign it out, take it home to read and return it once they have finished reading. Imagine that same concept with a lifejacket? It is with thanks to the Lucas Dobson Water Safety Campaign that this is now a reality.

“The story may have begun with tragedy however if it helps to save a life and a family from going through whLucas Dobson waterat Lucas Dobson’s family have gone through it will be worth it,” comments Peter Faulding Founder & CEO of Specialist Group International, who Kent Police brought in to aid in the search for Lucas Dobson back in 2019.

Lucas was a 6-year-old boy enjoying a day out with family and friends when a fun time quickly turned into his parents’ worst nightmare. Lucas fell into the dock and was swept away by the strong undercurrents. Emergency services arrived quickly on the scene, but it would take four days before his body was tragically discovered.

Specialist Group International (SGI) recover on average 10 drowning victims each year and in the aftermath of yet another tragedy, especially one so young, Peter was impelled to take action and with Nathan Dobson [Lucas’ father], they set up a water safety campaign that would see lifejackets be made available in schools so any family visiting areas with open water would be able to borrow one. Peter Faulding contacted Ian Clark of Baltic Lifejackets, who supply the SGI underwater search team with lifejackets, to see how they could help.

“I was instantly touched by the story and shocked to hear that Peter and his team recover 10 drowning victims a year on average. It is exciting and appropriate
for Baltic Lifejackets to be involved in this important campaign,” comments Ian Clark Head of Business for Baltic Safety Products.

The Lucas Dobson Water Safety Campaign Logo features Lucas’s face and Baltic Lifejackets has manufactured the lifejackets with this logo on them. The campaign aims at promoting awareness of the dangers of water and making it easier for children to play safely near or on water. The lifejackets are EN/ISO 12402-4 approved and available in a variety of sizes.

Ian Clark goes on to say that the campaign needs the marine industry’s help in spreading water safety messages. “Anyone who participates in water-based activities or works within the marine industry is fully aware of the dangers of water and Baltic Safety Products would like you to help get these lifejackets into more schools by sharing the Lucas Dobson Water Safety Campaign in your hometown or village. The sooner the lifejackets are in schools the sooner they can be put to good use.”“Wait for the cool part,” comments Ian. “Peter Faulding is a pilot, and the lifejackets are delivered personally in his own helicopter!”

Peter is very passionate about water safety and is putting a significant amount of his own time and money into this campaign. Every penny raised goes towards the manufacturing of new lifejackets for schools.

How you can get involved:

If your school would like to be involved, register your interest at

Make a donation towards further lifejackets by clicking on the link

For more information on Baltic Safety Products please visit

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