Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re new to marketing and PR, or in need of more support, Box PR can help.

At Box PR, Lou our Founder understands that outsourcing your Marketing and Public Relations should not be a decision that is taken lightly, so she’s asked a few clients and friends what they would want to know before taking the next step when it comes to their Marketing and Public Relations plans.

In Scenario A you are new to marketing, and you are here reading this because you have recognised the need to increase your presence in your chosen market and you would like to know more about working with an MPR (Marketing and Public Relations) Agency. I’d love to talk more, so please skip to the questions.

In Scenario B you are experienced with using an MPR Agency and looking to change. We can all get complacent and happy with the status quo, however, change in my opinion can be a good thing. So, you may have been using an agency for a number of years now and it’s time to freshen things up, your research may find that in fact, you are using the right agency for you. I’d love to talk more, so please skip to the questions.

In Scenario C you need extra resources, you have an in-house Marketing Manager or department but there are times when the resources are stretched, or you need to bring in some experts who can simply help get the job done. I’d love to talk more, so please skip to the questions.

  1. Outsourcing V in-house

    • You have identified a need for marketing support, so you really have two options, one is to employ someone in-house to take on the role and be part of your PAYE, the other is to contract an agency and come to an agreement in terms of the scope of work and the hours.
    • I would avoid ‘adding it’ to someone’s existing role or tasks doesn’t give it a home, you have identified a need, now pursue it. Give it chance to breathe and come to life.

  2. How does it work?

    • It all starts with a conversation. Over a coffee I will get to understand you and your business more, I will look to understand your vision and principles, your products or services and their USP. Together will look into who you consider your main competitors to be, and we look to understand who your ideal customer is. We then work on a strategy based on the principles of marketing to help you reach your aspirations.
    • The magic (hard work) will then happen, and we will set out goals and deadlines, and work to achieve and exceed these.

  3. Do you have packages you offer as I am not sure what I need?

    We don’t offer standard packages, everything we do is bespoke to your needs, take Marketing as the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. With Public Relations focusing on reputation being the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. Therefore, the scope of what we can cover is huge and the sum is greater than all parts. Let’s talk about your business, its goals and needs, and build a package just for you.

  4. Where? I am not based near you, does that matter?

    Finding the right person or company to represent you is more important than their geographical location. There is no requirement to employ an agency nearby, I am based in the New Forest, UK with clients in Europe and make regular calls to the USA.

  5. When do I get an invoice, what are the costs?

    • This will depend on your agreement, but as standard at Box PR we invoice at the end of the calendar month, or when the project is complete. There are no hidden costs. You will be invoiced the amount agreed.
    • At Box PR we work on an hourly basis, a contract/project basis or a monthly retainer. It comes down to the task ahead, and personal preferences, different agreements work better for different organisations. I understand that.

  6. How long do I have to commit for?

    I have no minimum term. I can look to work on a project basis, a retainer basis or even hourly. The joy of working with Box PR is my flexibility, together we agree on all of this as the start of our strategy and planning meeting.

  7. I see you offer a number of different services, but I only need your expertise in one area.

    That’s not a problem. Marketing and Public Relations is such a broad area, and there are so many channels and skills across the board. The joy of outsourcing is you get to choose, so you can pick and choose the elements you need depending on the project you need our help with. I do not have an all or nothing approach, I am passionate about helping companies grow, and I will do my role no matter how big or small that may be.

  8. How much do you need to know about my industry to be able to represent me?

    This isn’t so black and white. Willingness to understand your business, and your customers are what’s important. Getting down to the intricate details and what they want to know is where I put my focus. Knowing the industry helps, there is no denying that but knowing people, behavioural patterns and what makes them tick is where the magic happens.

  9. Mine is a very visual industry that almost saturates social media. How will you make me stand out against so much competition?

    Social media is just one element of digital marketing and it’s important to not put all your eggs in one basket. Through the initial process of understanding you and your business, we will identify your USP, and let the plan develop from there. Being aware of your competition ‘real and perceived’ is important but we will do our best to stop imposter syndrome from taking over.

  10. Can I contact you out of hours?

    Box PR’s is open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm (UK), we all need that valuable time out to re-charge and escape our screens. However, working with international clients, meetings are arranged outside of these hours. My simple rules:

    • Email if it can wait.
    • Text/WhatsApp if it needs addressing before 9 am the following working day.
    • Call if it cannot wait. Let’s all remember a matter of urgency may be about spreading good news!

  11. How will I know if it’s working?

    Depending on the task, we can set goals and KPIs to follow and we check in with these on a regular basis, to make sure we are on track. On request we can do quarterly reports to give you an overview of the work covered, and what is in progress, and what is coming next.

Have you got a question that remains unanswered, preferably relating to outsourcing Marketing and Public Relations, please contact me ( and firstly I will answer it and then look to add it to the list!