March 17, 2020

Uncharted waters

We are experiencing uncharted territory at the moment and it’s made us have a big think.   

Here at Box PR, we spend all of our time planning and deciding what is happening next and working on plans for the next few days, weeks and months. We work towards promoting key products and services at certain times in the year, or companies going to exhibitions.  The run-up to an event is planned at least three or four months in advance.  

Today we are sat here thinking we have to change our different approach. Our clients are feeling this uncertainty too and are all dealing with ensuring their staff are well and protected as much as possible, that production can continue as much as possible, orders are dispatched and that work continues as much as it can. Whilst it can.

We don’t believe that anyone has the answer on how to survive this as a business but what we would say is this.

Give those companies you follow a like on social media, dig that picture of you enjoying that great time back in the summer whilst using their product and tag them in it, even better – keep buying their products. Please keep talking, not necessarily in person, it’s good to talk, that mention on social media is talking.

We wish everyone good health. The Box PR office is very much open and we will be keeping in touch and we will reconnect fully again once this has passed.

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