August 1, 2018

Social media is making us live in the past

Today, how many times have you checked your social media, whether company or personal feeds. Think back to what platforms you looked at and what you saw.

If I said #FlashBack or #ThrowBack, I would imagine you have a pretty good idea what I am referring to. You see posts that were once related to a specific day of the week, #FlashBackFriday and #ThrowBackThursday are now often used every day of the week. More often than not my personal and company feeds refer to things that have happened in the past, not what’s happening now or what we are looking forward to in the future.

It made me wonder how we are using social media, for both personal and business use. To me, it is now a platform to shout about our past and almost forget about the here and now, and what about the future. Social media is making us live in the past, it is where the present meets the past.

As a marketer we look at client strategy, where does a company, brand or even product line visualise itself in 1 year, 5 years or possibly 10 years time. In order to do that we look at the history, how far we have come, what steps have been taken along the way and we create a picture to help form the basis of a strategy going forward. Yes, the past is important, we must not forget that. We look at what has worked and why it worked. We look at what didn’t work and why maybe with a slight turn of strategy it will work this time. We also take the time to revisit ideas, and consider why they never got past that stage, perhaps they will now. What have we missed, what new factors internal and external now influence our direction.

Today is 1st August, and a bit like a Monday being the start of a new diet, a new month can symbolise many things and in particular new beginnings, or simply a blank sheet of paper.

Let’s not forget the steps we have trodden to get us to where we are. May we learn from them and be stronger because of them. May we retrace those paths, but this time look down the side roads, what opportunities can we revisit. Think outside the box and generate new ideas to reach your goals.

So, here’s to August, a time to enjoy the calm before the craziness of the boat show season for Box PR and our clients. A time to remember our company values and a time to look and position ourselves for the months ahead.

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